NATIONAL SECRETARIAT: Km 1 Eleme-Onne Road, Opposite Bristow Quarters, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria


a. To establish a Nigerian Oil and Gas Business Group responsible for promotion of best industry practice, professional rendition of NDT practice in a safe and efficient manner and advancing both technological and human capacity development in this sector of the Oil and Gas industry;

b. To protect the interest of member companies and stakeholders on issues of common interest and encourage members to adopt industry best practice while exposing them to available international technology and programs for enhancing their operations to achieve international best practice;

c.To form professional Work Groups which will liaise with organizations and bodies relevant to the safe and professional practice of NDT in the world with a view to acquiring and adopting best methods on NDT for members benefits;

d.To act as an industry lobby group for getting contracts and securing recognition for members and seek grants, loans, best supplier prices and group benefits for member companies;

e.To assist members avoid all manner of exploitations, victimizations and discriminations in securing available local NDT Contracts and non-payment of member companies by local and expatriate industry clients after rendering acceptable services to such clients.

f.To liaise with NCDMB, NNRA, DPR, NAPIMS, NIPEX and such stakeholders for the full implementation of local content laws on NDT Contracts and attendant human capacity development with respect to NDT practice in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry;

g.To provide a platform for members to engage Government Regulatory Agencies in formulating policies and developing strategies for removal of all obstacles to professional and profitable practice of NDT in Nigeria

h.To create a platform for sustainable partnership with the Oil and Gas industry for assisting local NDT Companies to have access to and domicile international training in NDT and seek assistance of IOCs in this regard for needed local human capital development in the profession of NDT;

i.To sensitize and enlighten the industry community and stakeholders on the various hazards posed by unprofessional companies, unskilled and untrained manpower in handling NDT (especially radiography) in the Nigerian Oil and Gas projects and work with the industry and regulators to eliminate the dangerous practice of quacks;

j.To organize training programs, conferences and seminars in order to re-orientate and re-train skilled labour to uphold safety, professionalism and acceptable work ethics in the Oil and Gas Industry;

k.To publish books, organize seminars, conferences and commission studies in order to promote professional indigenous NDT practice in the Oil and Gas Industry;

l. To sensitize, encourage and assist member companies to enter into alliances/partnerships with International/Local NDT establishments for increased capacity and capability with a view to establishment of best practices;

m.To form an umbrella group for a joint review of existing Oil and Gas Industry contracting forms and formats which will ensure that local companies with requisite capabilities have avenues for a competitive contract bidding process and receive direct IOC and International Service Company awards for projects they are competent to handle;

n.To act as a focal point for local NDT practitioners and to engage with stakeholders in the Oil and Gas Industry with a view to a joint effort to improve the quality of NDT service delivery generally in Nigeria;

o.To promote opportunities for on-the-job Training through collaborative efforts with operating and service companies in Nigeria.

“... For Safe and Professional NDT in Nigeria”